• "Would you buy this property?"
    • ​​Simply schedule an appointment with our office and we will assess your property. We will also provide you with a No-Obligation quote, FREE of charge.

  • "My resources are allocated with other priorities and fixing my property isn't one of them." 
    • No problem. We buy properties "as-is." 

  • "How soon could Memphis Property Solutions close on the sale of my property?"
    • ​Simple solution. On most contracts, we can close within two weeks, if not within hours. 

  • ​"I don't live in Memphis, could I close from another city/state?" 
    • ​No Problem. Most transactions could be completed remotely.

  • "I inherited this property, would you be able to buy it?"
    • ​​Yes. We work with a team of legal professionals that simplify this process.

  • "I don't know if my house is free of liens. Could you help with that?"
    • ​​No Problem. We have a team of  research professionals that gather all pertinent information.

  • "How soon would I receive payment?"
    • We buy our properties with CASH, therefore, as soon as we close the transaction.

  • "I have tenants on my property, will you still buy my property?"
    • ​No Problem. We will work with you and your tenants and find the best accommodating option. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Even if you find your answer here, we would love to hear from you. Please call today.

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